The purpose of this eText is to help you learn to create browser-based games using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Prerequisite Knowledge/Skills

You should be familiar with HTML and CSS prior to beginning these lessons.
Free resources online to learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript include:

Helper Icons

Helper icons are provided throughout the lessons. Hover over or click on the icons when you need help. Get started by hovering over the icons below.

In addition to helper icons, self-assessment quiz questions will be provided after each lesson.
More Information
Do not confuse Java and JavaScript. These are two different computer languages.
Common Mistake
Why not use Flash and ActionScript to create web-based activities and games?

This is an option. However, not all devices support Flash.
Frequently Asked Question
JavaScript first appeared in 1995. The last stable version (1.8.5) was released March 22, 2011.
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Test Yourself!

1. What should you know before starting these lessons?
No prior knowledge is expected
HTML and JavaScript
CSS and JavaScript
2. Java is the same programming language as JavaScript
Test your knowledge with w3schools HTML quiz

Test your knowledge with w3schools CSS quiz