Challenge 10: Usability Testing

Congratulations on completing all 50 lessons of the eText. This final challenge will give you a chance to prove your worth.

Complete the platformer game!

  1. Delete the alert that occurs when the player falls into a hole. Replace the alert that appears when the prince is saved with a more stylish notification.

  2. Instead of displaying the current level in the output div, create a div in the gameWindow to display the level.

  3. Modify the background and platform colors to your liking. Modify the speed of the PC, the strength of the PC's jump, the size of the PC and platforms, and any other aspects of the game to your liking.

  4. Add more platforms to make each level take at least a minute to complete. Be creative in the placement of your platforms. This is your opportunity to be a game level designer.

  5. Add a clock to the gameWindow that counts down to 0. The player should die (lose one life) if time runs out before the prince is saved. The amount of time on the clock should be different for each level to be suitable to that level. Of course, the time should reset every time the level restarts.

  6. Add subtle background music that is different for each level. Then add sound effects for when the level begins, the player dies, the prince is saved, a jump is made, the clock ticking when there is less than 10 seconds remaining, and any other sounds that would enhance the player experience.

  7. Add spikey ball plants on some of the platforms that will kill the player if contact is made.

  8. Add a snazzy Splash Screen (intro screen), that includes instructions, stated as simply and concisely as possible.

  9. Create an image for the prince.

  10. Create your own PC that has a pose for standing, a pose for jumping, and run-cycle animation for running.

If you have time, do something unique with your game.

Finally, the most important step! Test out your game on people. Notice when the player gets confused, when the game is to easy or too difficult, etc... and improve it based on that.

Here are some impressive submissions:

Spring 2015