Challenge 5.1: Adding Walls to Create the Pacman Maze

After completing lessons 1 to 25, you are ready for the first part of challenge 5! This challenge should be a piece of chocolate cake.

Create more walls to complete the Pacman maze.

Click the cells in the below grid to plan out your puzzle. Each square on the grid is 40px by 40px; the same size as pacman. While the walls (orange cells) may have any thickness you wish, the pathways (gray cells) should be exactly 40px wide. Pacman will not be able to enter into pathways smaller than 40px, and the ghosts that will be added in the next challenge will begin shaking (constantly changing direction) if the pathways are greater that 40px.

Cell position:

Here is an example. Of course, be as creative as you would like in where you place your walls.

Once you have completed the challege, see if you can avoid being fooled in Rhyme Deception.