Challenge 3: Adding Screens to Shooting Monkeys Game

After completing lessons 1 to 18, you are ready for your third challenge! In Rock Paper Scissors you used the same endScreen whether the player won, lost, or tied. You could have had a different screen for each of these situtations and just displayed them at the appropriate time. This would have eliminated the need to update the text on the endScreen.

Generally, it is usually more elegant and requires less duplicate code to use one element for multiple purposes (as you did with the endScreen). However, sometimes you need to have multiple elements because the design of those elements, or the purpose of those elements, are too different.

Add an Intro Screen, Lose Screen, and Win Screen to the Shooting Monkeys game that you finished in Lesson 12. Here are a few suggestions:

Some students that went above the call of duty include:

Spring 2016

Spring 2015

Once you have completed the challenge, get some inspiration from Sinuous.